Since Wednesday is our family trip to Tokyo, my mom and I decided to spend today at Shinjiku.  For lunch we ate at Aen in the Isetan department store.  I enjoy eating at this restaurant each time because, they have the best tofu hamburger steak, which I always order, and it's so healthy.  My mouth gets watery just thinking about it.  Once I got there, I noticed that my tofu hamburger steak wasn't on the menu.  WHAT!!! I ended up ordering the grilled pork with vegetables bento and my mom got the fish bento (Bento: Japanese packed meal.)  When I got my brown rice, somehow it tasted very plain, so I added some black sesame into my rice.  The first bite changed my whole meal.  Since the sesame is very salty, it goes very well with the rice.  That is something I am going to do more often.  YUM!!!  If you ever get the chance please check out the restaurant or try adding black sesame into your rice.  

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