Soba with Sesame Sauce. OMG!!! - one scoop! two scoops! three scoops!
I have been waiting for this day since the day I left Japan, which was a year ago.  There is this soba restaurant, which has the best sesame dipping sauce EVER!!!  Normally, when we eat soba, we use the typical dipping sauce called soba tsuyu.  However, at this restaurant you can ask for a sesame dipping sauce and change your soba into their seasonal soba, which is either perilla (Shiso) soba or citrus soba.  This is the dish I always order when I eat at this restaurant.  I ask for the seasonal soba with sesame dipping sauce and tempura.  I think this is the only time I eat VERY slowly because each bite and taste counts when you don't know the next chance you will have to eat here.  
So.. my mom and I ate here today.  Unfortunately, they were out of the seasonal soba, so I had the original soba.  I added alot of Japanese chili flakes into my dipping sauce and ate my lunch.  At the end, I added hot water into my left over sesame dipping sauce and drank the whole thing.  Oh... what a perfect meal to start my day...  :P  

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