Ingredients: 2 bananas, 1.4oz or 40g/0.71oz or 20g bran flake cereal with dried fruits, 40ml milk (nonfat/soy is preferred), 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 60ml vegetable oil, and 5.3oz or 150g pankcake mix.  
Preparation: 1. Smash the bananas with a fork ( I prefer leaving bits of pieces of banana instead of smashing it into like mashed potato.)  2. Pour the milk into the bowl with 1.4oz cereal.  3. Prepare muffin cups.  ( Since I didn't have any, I used mini muffin pans.  Make sure to spread a little butter into the pan.  If you don't then it will be hard to take the muffins out once it is fresh out of the oven.)  4. Preheat the oven to 375F or 180C degrees.  
Cook: 1. In a bowl crack the eggs, add the bananas, the cereal with the milk, brown sugar, and vegetable oil.  2.  Mix it well.  3. Add the pancake mix and mix it well again.  3. Pour it into the individual muffin cups or the pan and then add the bran flake cereal on top.  4.  Put it in the oven for 20 min.  

When I was making the muffins, I didn't smash the bananas until it was like mashed potato because I think it tastes better when you can chew into the banana inside the muffins.  I don't know if you've noticed yet, but I try to be a health freak especially when it comes to deserts so, I used as little sugar possible and non fat milk.  Of course, these are all adjustable.  After the 20 min, I used a toothpick to poke into  the muffins to make sure it's been cooked all the way inside.  When you pull the toothpick out and if it is a bit sticky then you should bake it a little longer.  It has happened to me before when I was baking cheesecake... thats another story for another time.  Anyways, Once it was ready to eat, I put all the muffins onto a plate so it could cool down.  For my mom's friend, I put 8 into a box and the rest I wrapped it up for my dad to taste it the first thing he gets home.  Since my mom was the first person to taste it, her reaction was, "Hmmm.. it could use less sugar, but ooooo bananas yum!!!"  My dad's first reaction was, "Why are there horns coming out of them?"  Yes, horns.  I don't know how it happened, but I believe it was because i did not flatten the muffins after pouring the mixture in it.  I was waiting for one of my parents to make the comment on the horns.  HEHE!!!  Nonetheless, it turned out to be good and edible.  HAHA!!!  I hope my parents won't get too sick of it because that will be our breakfast for the next week or until it is all gone.
For next time:  Make own pancake mix, make own gift box for the muffins, buy disposable muffin cups, use less sugar, use more dried fruits for topping instead of cereal flakes.    

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