Today was my first mother-daughter day.  I was pretty excited because it has been a few weeks since I last saw her.  When we went grocery shopping, I was debating whether to bake the banana bran muffin; since my parents are not sweet lovers either. I believe that when started something  that you do not do often such as knitting, exercising, or cooking, you need some encouragement.  My mom suggested that I cook a lunch or dinner dish that she would enjoy, but I only had the recipe for the muffin and wanted to make them so bad. HEHE!!!  She then encouraged me by telling me that I should make it for her friend since she was planning on visiting her tomorrow.  I thought it was a great idea since I haven't gave a gift to my mom's friend in awhile.  So, I decided that I should use the muffins as a present to tell her that I was back even though I am sure she knows already.  
After buying the ingredients I was eager to make the muffins right away, but I realized that if I made it today, it wouldn't be as fresh and tasteful tomorrow.  So, my dear readers, you will find out tomorrow night how my muffins turned out.  Until then, night!!!


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