One of the many things I dreaded about living in Pedro was not being able to cook.  It was a co-ed dorm and we had 1 kitchen.  Need I say more? 
 Earlier today, I thought about my father-daughter day and my mom coming home tomorrow.  I wanted to end the special day with my dad and my mom's return with a surprise.  What to parents love receiving from their children? Anything that is priceless, so I chose to cook dinner.  I was surfing the net reading various healthy Japanese dinner recipes, when something caught my eye.  "Banana Bran Muffin"  I am sure by now you are aware that sweets are not my favorite thing in the world.  However, Banana bread I LOVE!!!  I do not know if it is the fruity smell that the bread carries when it is fresh out of the oven or the strong banana taste the bread has when you eat it, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!  Ok.  Enough of that.  Where was I?  Yes, so I quickly took notes of all the ingredients I needed to bake the muffins and decided to make them the next time I got the chance to go to the supermarket.  As for the dinner surprise, I chose to cross that off my to do list and save it for next time since I probably won't make it back home till late tomorrow night.  
Got to wake up early tomorrow morning plus I have jet lag, so night everyone for now.  

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