The beginning of my journey to the world of food.  

Oh My Gosh!!!  Daniel Henney is so gorgeous.  "My Lovely Sam Soon" is one of the funniest and unforgettable asian drama that I have ever watched.  Thanks to my korean drama addict friend "Kalbi", I spent about three days watching this drama.  Seeing all the mouthwatering deserts that Sam Soon baked in the show, made me realize the love I always had for cooking and food decor.  
Since I was a little girl, I loved Italian food.  I always enjoyed eating the endless angel hair or linguine pasta with garlic, vegetable, seafood, and basil leaves in a rich tomato sauce or any sort of thin crust pizza.  Of course, my meal would not be complete without a glass of red wine and hot spicy sauce.  I love everything about Italian food; from how the names are pronounced to how the food is presented.  Food is not something you put in your mouth everyday to give you energy and strength; it is like a flower.  When a flower is not watered daily or does not have the right amount of sunlight, it will not grow beautifully as it should be.  Like a flower, when food is not made with the right ingredients and not presented with the right decoration, it does not bring happiness and an appetite to the people that observes the food.  Nonetheless, I have always enjoyed helping others and putting a smile on their face.  Hence, my alternative goal for myself was to be a food critic or a patisserie chef.  By being a food critic, I knew that I would always have the chance to taste various foods made by famous chefs and still get to judge them.  HEHE!!  Although, I may not enjoy eating sweets as much as others, by being a patisserie chef, I believed that I would be able to choose the desert that I thought would complete the customers meal completely, and decorate in the way I think the desert should be eaten.  At the end, as long as I do not make any huge mistakes, the customers would go to bed that night with a stomach full with yummy food.  In spite of the objectives I had of being a chef or critic, I chose to stick to my priorities in being a teacher.  However, I hope to continue improving my cooking skills and somehow incorporating my knowledge in food with teaching children.  
That being said, I would like to share my food experiences and ideas with you hoping that you will be able to create your own experiences through the enjoyment of reading my blogs and passing it on to your family and friends at the end.