Ginza - one scoop! two scoops! three scoops!
My first full weekend here this summer. YAY!!! HOT!!! PEOPLE!!! SALE!!!  SHAVED ICE!!!  I decided to take a break from cooking since normally on the weekends we eat out.  Today, I spent the day time in Tokyo walking around.  By the time my mom and I got to Tokyo it was lunch time, so we headed down to the restaurant floor in oIoI (Marui)  It is one of the newest department stores in Yurakucho.  Anyways, it was crowded and as I was walking around the floor checking out restaurants, I started to crave for Vietnamese because 1. I miss Pho, 2. I haven't had delicious and tasty Pho in a while, and 3. There was a long line only at that restaurant.  We waited for about 5 min, when my mom said it the pictures on the menu looked salty; so we left and walked around and around while I was getting more and more hungry and annoyed.  It was so very hot and crowed that you had to be there to understand my feeling.  So, after awhile, my mom said, AH! I know where to go!  We walked outside of the department store and went to the restaurant across from it because she said they had good soba.  When we got there, we found out that it was only Japanese deserts.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  So, we wondered around again until my mom said again, AH! I know where to go!  We walked a few blocks to another department stored called Sebu.  She said she knew a good healthy Japanese restaurant.  I told her that she better be right this time and that she should ask someone at the information desk, but she was confident that it was on the 6th floor of this department store.  She was correct. YAY!!  We went to the restaurant and thankfully there was not many people and no line.  :) 
I have eaten at this restaurant before.  Although there have only few choices for lunch, they have good variety of deserts.  I think they are famous for their green tea because majority of their deserts were green tea.  For example, green tea shaved ice, green tea roll cake, and green tea ice cream.  My choices were either green tea soba (aka Cha soba), salmon with ochazuke, or the lunch plate.  Since I can get the soba anywhere and the salmon looked salty, my mom and I got the lunch plate.  It was very healthy and good.  Since we wanted green tea shaved ice for desert, we were about to order it when the server said to us "It is very big."  It sounded like are you sure you want it?  Don't you think the lunch plate is enough?  We were both like WHAT!! How RUDE!!!  Of course, we didn't want it after that, so we left without desert. :(  
I liked majority of the food included in the lunch plate except for the squid and mozuku.  Mozuku is a vegetable from the sea.  Basically, it's like real think brown noodles dipped in vinegar sauce.  You are supposed to just slur It because it is very sour.  Not my favorite :/  However, it is very good for your diet and health.  Besides that it was ALL GOOD!! YUM!!!! 

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