Around 5ish I met up with my LONG friend that I met during high school.  It has been a year since I last saw her.  After following her to run her errands, we went to by food before going to her house.  Since it seemed like everyone else already ate dinner, fast food was my only choice.  I try to avoid fast food as much as I can because it is unhealthy and there are so many other types of food that are more worth eating than fast food.  Unfortunately, my choices for dinner tonight were convenient store, McDonald, or Mos Burger.  I chose Mos Burger.  For those who do not know what Mos Burger is, it is a healthier version of McDonald.  Well, that is my opinion.  Nonetheless, I got chicken burger with fries and ice tea.  HA! Smallest burger I ever seen. LOL!!!  Anyways, after that, we went to the convenient store to get drinks and snacks for the game.  We got beer for the guys and grapefruit drinks like Mikes Hard Lemonade for us girls.  When we got to my friends house, we opened everything party style to get the mood going to watch the game.  
Did I mention that everyone wasn't hungry because they already ate dinner?  Well guess what happened.  When I was eating my burger, I decided to throw away the top piece of the bread.  I tend to do that when I eat any type of sandwiches or burgers because that way I save on a few calories and I am more of a noodles fan than bread.  Anyways when I was about to throw it out, everyone was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  I explained it to them that I didn't want it and one of my guy friend said, "OMG, I will eat it!!"  LOL!! So you are hungry.. AHHAHAHAH!!  Until the game finished we all drank and munched on snacks.  Too bad Japan lost, but Good job Japan!!! It was a tough game playing against Netherlands.  

You might as well root for USA. :)


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